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Brains trust gold coast news Her selfdeprecating nature, quick wit, level head and amiable personality have earned teresa a glowing reputation and much respect from colleagues and patients, family and friends. One person who has benefited from her warm bedside manner is former patient kristy donkin, a woman who discovered she had a brain tumour days after giving birth to her first child. "Dr withers told me there were a couple of times when it was touch and go,"Says a healthy kristy five years later. "If it wasn for her, who knows?I might not have been here for my daughter. "I was in pretty bad shape after the operation.One side of my face had dropped and another patient asked if i been in a train wreck.I was also on medication that gave me nightmares and i couldn speak, swallow or walk. "Dr withers allayed my fears.Every time she visited me in hospital she called me and it calmed me down a lot.I think in any other situation i would have gone ballistic. " Like millions of people, teresa and stephen withers spent the sunday evening of october 2, 2005, in front of the television watching the north queensland cowboys do battle against Sheath Wedding Dresses wests tigers in the national rugby league grand final. It was a close game, one in Cocktail Dresses which the cowboys weren quite good enough, but that not what teresa remembers most about that night. For her, october 2, 2005, will always be associated with the phone call she received during the match.As doctors, she and her husband may have been accustomed to latenight calls, but this emergency was unlike anything teresa had dealt with. She had been summoned to darwin to treat the bombing victims of the previous night terrorist attack in bali, an atrocity that had already killed 27 people, including four australians. It was the second time terrorists had targeted bali in three years and teresa didn hesitate to say flying to darwin aboard the government jet thenpremier peter beattie had offered for the critical mission. "I was quite anxious about what i was going to see and what i was going to do,"She says. "Although we do a lot of trauma at the gold coast hospital, this was something so out of the normal scope of practice. "The injuries were horrific.The shrapnel in some of these bombs not only causes terrible scarring, but terrible injuries.Many people have ongoing pain and sometimes you can get all the shrapnel out, so they left with bits of shrapnel in them. "To see those blast injuries.It something you don wish upon anyone in australia.After leaving darwin, i have a better appreciation of what people in iraq and afghanistan go through. Cheap Wedding Party Dresses " Teresa remains humble about her involvement in darwin despite working in theatre for 48 hours. "The medical team were just fabulous,"She says. "I just pitched in and helped where i could. " As she has throughout her career, teresa returned from the stress of the operating theatre into the loving arms of stephen. Her career as a neurosurgeon has repeatedly taken her interstate and overseas and the man she first dated during medical school has been by her side the entire time. According to teresa, her husband was persistent as he attempted to court her in medical school. "I was interested but i great deals on Prom Dresses UK had big plans for my career,"She says of those early days. "He was clever, though.My greek grandmother was living on the coast and he would bring her greek newspapers from brisbane.He was buttering her up. "When you first meet steve you think he looks like a nerd.He always wears business shirts and ties with a pen in his pocket and yet he has a wicked sense of humour and is a really happy, positive person.He always been like that. " After graduating with firstclass honours, the couple worked at the royal brisbane hospital and the pivotal moment in their romance unfolded when stephen applied to work for three months in mt isa. "Suddenly it hit me and i said do you mean you going to leave me, you always just been here she says. "That was another turning point.I realised i would miss him severely and so then i had to try and get a job in mt isa. " The couple became engaged and were married at st anna greek church on the gold coast, with their wedding reception at conrad jupiters. A honeymoon in europe, new york and hawaii followed before they moved together to mt isa, where teresa took the position of surgical registrar and stephen paediatric registrar. Upon returning to brisbane, stephen focused on paediatrics and genetics while teresa entered neurosurgery, their days soon taken over by 7amtomidnight shifts and a commitment that the person not working would bring dinner to the hospital for the other. It was a hectic few years and the offer of a nonsurgical training position for teresa in 1993 was gladly accepted because it allowed her to focus on another project.It was time to have a baby.

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